Landscape Design

Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge

Competition | Van Alen Institute | 2020

This proposal revives the historic ecology of the East River estuary while also improving the current ecology by remediating runoff, and making the bridge a functional ecosystem unto itself. Rather than having rainwater run off the bridge carrying pollutants with it, the water would be captured and pumped up to the fountain at Roebling Plaza, where it then passes through a series of bioswales populated with native plants that draw out and trap contaminants. Placed in the former promenade space between the center cables, these vegetated bioswales reconnect the public to the area’s lost riparian biome. A bikeway sits adjacent to the swale on each side, offering a space free from pedestrian traffic thanks to the lush planters with built-in seating. Nearing the approach, the water is directed into a constructed wetland plaza before flowing back to the river where it is released by passing through one of the City’s iconic historic coastal oyster marshes.




Massachusett Park

Urban Landscape Architecture | Northeastern Masters Sustainable Urban Environments | 2018

This new park in Boston is on what was formerly the Christopher Columbus Park. The concept of this park is a constructed salt marsh that will act as a protective ecosystem in a place that is projected to have sea level rise and stormwater flooding in the near future. The name of the park and the Christopher Columbus statue are taken down and it has been renamed to Massachuset, the Native American tribe that once lived here and for which the state takes its name. Additionally the decorative plant selection has been replaced with a raingarden and pollinator plant species, and the lawn is made more open and accessible for people to use.


Architecture & Building Design


East Boston Urbanism

Urban Design | Northeastern BS Architectural Studies | 2017

In this project I investigated the site of the Maverick Mills parking lot and implemented my own design onto the site. In the first stage, I worked on mapping the site through photography and sculpture as a representation of the entropic conditions and material variety that surrounds the parking lot. In the second stage, I developed a design that was an exageration of current conditions on the site, such as shipping containters and parking spaces, to create new forms for living.



Architecture Studio Projects

Northeastern BS Architectural Studies 2014



Urbanism Studio: Berlin

Urban Design | Northeastern BS Architectural Studies | 2016

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