Boston Birds

Urban Research | Northeastern Masters Sustainable Urban Environments | 2018

This map shows the relationship between wildlife species and the urban environment. Using GIS, illustration, and infographic techniques, I show protected bird habitats and the human-related hazards effecting them. This exhibits a correlation between environmental hazards and animal habitat risk.


Ohana Homes

Urban Research | Northeastern Masters Sustainable Urban Environments | 2018

This project is concerned with the Hawaiian Homelands Act of 1921, which set aside 200,000 acres of land for people of Hawaiian Ancestry. The acres of land that was chosen for this purpose though was predominantly mountanous and so unusable for home-building. The Ohana Homes rezoning proposal dismisses the set land zoning in mountanous areas. This instead proposes new land as parcels throughout the island and urban areas. Building up a network of Hawaiian Homelands across the island rather than being restricted to unusable mountain space.


Esker Atlas

Urban Research | Northeastern Masters Sustainable Urban Environments | 2018

The Esker Atlas, formally titled An Esker Proviso, is concerned with the original landforms and non human elements that are necessary to provide for in any determination of what boundaries define the land. Human determined boundaries on a physical landscape give way to complex interactions and implications, some immediate and intentional, and others unconsidered until further into the future when clear evidence is seen. There is a relationship and power dynamic between the human groups that claim ownership and stewardship over the land and the ecosystems of living organisms that exist in this space. These nonhuman elements, such as the earth-force formed landscape, animal species, bedrock geology, proximity to water and other resources, are key actors in a site’s history and what has produced the present day composition. This project seeks to provide dimension to the land in ways that subvert typical intentional mapping. 

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